Day 1


Professor Ivan Cole

ECP Director - Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication

Ivan Cole is a recognised world leader in the computational design of materials and the development of smart coating systems for metal protection. He also has complementary expertise in nano-sensing and nano-responsive materials.

Ivan played a key role in transforming CSIRO’s Division of Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) and one of its predecessor divisions, the CSIRO Division of Manufacturing and Materials Technology, from a division of wide and dispersed capability to one with a sharp focus on leading-edge materials science and manufacturing capability. For much of this transformation, Ivan was Deputy Chief of Division.

Ivan’s most recent role was Program Director for High Performance Metal Industries, where he revitalised and developed a common vision for the program on catalysing the transformation of the Australian metal and components industry and inspired the program’s researchers to work collaboratively to reach this vision.

Ivan’s personal research activities will be hosted by the School of Engineering.